Sunday, 8 December 2013


Well, for the next little while I am not eating dairy, soy or gluten. I expect to have gluten back in time to eat Christmas baking, but I'm not too optimistic about the other two. After 4 days it seems like things may be starting to improve, so fingers crossed that we've found the problem.

And in other food-related news, I prepared the Christmas roast today. Boneless wild pork shoulder, rolled with a paste made from garlic, rosemary, thyme, sage, apple cider vinegar, oil, salt and pepper. It is now lurking in the freezer, waiting to be slow roasted for Christmas dinner. Yum!

I'm debating making a Christmas cake too, assuming I'm fine for gluten then the only change I need to make to my standard recipe is substituting coconut oil for the butter. Christmas cake makes me happy, so long as I can actually eat it.


MegWeaves said...

Is this mainly for Boy #2? Sounds like you'll have some readjusting, but I guess it also sounds kind of healthy. Except for soy, I do something similar during the worst of the hey fever season, no dairy, less gluten and no caffeine. Best of luck to you, Sonya.

Rachelle said...

That roast sounds yummy! Hope that things continue to improve for your wee one.