Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sock madness!

I have a new pair of socks:

The pattern is Brucie, and it was the preliminary pattern from Sock Madness. This is my second year participating, and I haven't managed to finish the first round before the time was up either year, but it has meant I have made myself a new pair of socks each year.

The yarn is Soft Like Kittens Unicorn Sock, in Crystal Cavern. I love the colour, and it really is soft like kittens.

(In typing this post, I appear to have forgotten every last little bit of html I know, and couldn't even create links properly. I got there eventually, but I think it is time for bed!)

Thursday, 20 March 2014

The food adventures continue

The little changeling has been not quite right for the last month or so (after really starting to get used to the idea of shovelling food into his mouth). Since Monday he has been gluten free, and appears to be improving again. Thankfully he doesn't seem to react when I have gluten, so it is a special restriction just for him. (We still need to work out if it is gluten or just wheat, but we will test that when he is fully better).

I'm not particularly happy about adding another food to the restricted list, but at least we are making progress on keeping the wee boy healthy. Also, there might be a chance of getting a bit more sleep now...

Monday, 10 March 2014

Oaken blanket

What could be snugglier than acorns? Well, lots of things, I guess. This blanket for one!

Yarn is Skeinz Vintage DK, in Merlot, I used most of 10 balls. The pattern is currently being slowly written up on days that I can summon the brainpower after the boys are in bed. (Anyone interested in testing, when it's done?)

It is worked in the round from the centre out, and finished with a cabled icord bind off. It's technically a baby blanket, but at 1m square it also makes a great lap rug, and I have to confess that's the main use it has had so far.

I tried to get some 'in use' shots, but both the changeling and the monkey are far too active. No quietly posing babies here! Here are a couple of outtakes:

I love this one, it's just not really a good photo of the blanket

And this demonstrates why this blanket is taking so long to finish writing up!