Saturday, 24 January 2015

First patchwork

Well, I have learnt a few things about paper piecing, and probably patchwork in general! I have now successfully constructed my first block, although I did have to unpick the occasional seam because I failed to position my piece of fabric correctly (or up the right way a couple of times...). I'm happy with the end result for a first attempt.

My fabric choice wasn't the best for novice paper piecing, the background is a sateen and the foreground is a fine wool blend houndstooth. I think using a tabby weave for both would have made things easier. I will continue with another block with the same fabrics, but I may try giving them a liberal dose of starch first.

Friday, 16 January 2015

New project required? Really?

Ever since I first came across her work, I have loved Juliet's patterns for paper pieced quilt blocks. I have never done any paper piecing, or even really any patchwork, but I have finally given in and decided to jump in with both feet on her latest project - the In Flight Quilt-Along. I have admired her native birds from afar, but something about the birds in flight was just too tempting.

Before deciding to go for it I did at least check my fabric pile, and decided that I have plenty of options of fabric that I'm willing to use in the stash. The background is going to be a dark blue sateen that I originally bought with the idea of eventually using it for an unpieced quilt. I'm not sure yet whether the birds will all be one colour (either a white/grey wool blend, or an old pale blue sheet), or a mix of colours. At the moment I'm leaning towards starting with the wool.

I would have given in to the temptation to start already, but I need to get some more ink for the printer first. Also, I really should finish the two shirts that are currently sitting next to the machine partially done...

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

New year, new place

And so we are back in the land of summer. A bit of a change, but I think two days in Singapore definitely helped with the transition. Sleep is now pretty much normal, enough so that we put the bunks up in the weekend and Mr. 3 slept in the top bunk last night, which went surprisingly smoothly.

I have picked up where I left off with cataloguing our book collection, which is much easier now that the changeling will play independently while I work on it, at least for one or two boxes at a time. I think there are only 10 boxes left to go, plus finding any new kids books that have been missed.

I am taking part in the Ravelry Worldwide Shawl Exchange again, I think it has been over two years since the last one I did. Partners have just been assigned, now comes the fun of deciding on what to make. My partner doesn't like blue, and prefers not to have pure wool, which rules out most of my stash! (I didn't realise how much blue wool I had - I think I tend to pick greens more, but then I will also knit the greens first).

I have also decided this is the year of sewing, or at least some of it. My wardrobe has been getting pretty sad, I took pretty much everything I had that fitted and wasn't falling apart to Prague, and a lot of that is now dying. I brought it back, but only because otherwise I really would have nothing to wear! I have a few garments I want to recreate, or at least be inspired by. The first sewing of the year is a bra which is mostly finished now, just some finishing details left. I will write another post about that when it is done, including a few pattern notes. I have also started making two new summer shirts for the monkey (size 2, he is a skinny boy). Next in line is a new skirt for me, and after that I haven't decided. If I can get rid of all the clothing I have that is in terrible condition because it has been replaced with something better I will be incredibly happy.