Monday, 27 August 2012


One Christmas stocking, embroidery done:

Still have to actually turn it into a stocking, but I've still got another 4 months to get that done.

Next embroidery is a birth sampler, the pattern is the September birthstone sampler from Sweetheart Tree.

It is only 38 stitches wide, so it's going very quickly. The top half is done, apart from beads, and the bottom half is about half done. I'm finding it very refreshing and relaxing to stitch on before bed.

The spinning I have been working on is nearly done, thankfully. The 50g of merino I finally finished last night was starting to drive me batty. I never managed to get long enough in front of the wheel to get into a rhythm with it, so I was fighting it the whole way. I think it took me nearly 2 weeks, the other skeins were 2-3 days for 50g. I have one more sample to go, but I'm back to the romney, which is beautiful to work with.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Spinning progress

Still no weaving, but I have managed to get some spinning done. I am doing the Creative Fibre spinning course, so most of my evenings are currently devoted to trying to get the samples spun up. So far I have done 3 out of 5, and am very happy with two of them.

Left to right: Woollen spun lamb single, Semi-worsted spun romney single, Semi-worsted spun corriedale 2-ply

I am happy with the singles, but I found the corriedale fleece was very variable so there are patches I'm not so happy with. Next up are two worsted samples