Thursday, 14 February 2013


Five napkins done so far. One more to make six, and then probably another two to finish the warp. (I'm just guessing on that). I haven't managed to weave for a little while, but hopefully I'll manage to get back to it soon (if I ever get caught up on sleep).

Somehow my list of things to make just keeps growing, I am currently knitting squares for a baby blanket (9 of 36 done), and slowly stitching away on the Christmas stocking.

I am considering dismantling my loom when the napkins are done because the room it is in really isn't big enough, and it's quite awkward to work around. I'm keeping an eye out for a smallish 8 shaft table loom to tide me over until I have a better space for weaving again. I did consider getting a smaller floor loom instead, but I do really like the one I have and we live in hope of having a house again one day.