Monday, 28 July 2014

The other side of the world

Is hot. Very hot. Well, it is summer, at least. Three weeks in and I think I'm kind of getting used to it, although I'd still be happier if it was a little cooler.

In the last few weeks we have learned a few things:
  • Jet lag and teething are a horrendous combination
  • Singapore is hot and tropical, and that's just the airport
  • There are many ways in which you can create a swing
  • Bugs here are generally much bigger than I'm used to (also slugs, snails etc.)
  • It is surprising how quickly you can get used to walking next to old brick/plaster buildings that are not in the best condition (Christchurch people will understand what I mean about that...)
  • There is quite a lot of decent outdoors here, two large forested parks withing 5-10 minutes walk
  • Children like sausages. Except when they're 2 and decide they don't like anything...
  • It's amazing how many aeroplanes you can fit into a small space if you're determined
  • Having a lot of recycling bins outside, and a different day for each type to be picked up makes for great entertainment pretty much every day.  Also, the rubbish guys are great at waving to small children as they drive past.  (And OSH appears not to exist here, the men just stand on platforms on the back of the truck and hold on.)
  • And the Czechs really know how to make a good drinkable beer

And a few photos to illustrate some of these points:

Hunting reserve visible in back, this is what we see from our apartment

Just one of the interesting swings we've found (this one is also a good size to lie back on for adults). Also, train.

In the hunting reserve, on the way to another playground (with a multi-person swing).

Swing just mentioned

Lots of plane, not enough space.