Friday, 16 January 2015

New project required? Really?

Ever since I first came across her work, I have loved Juliet's patterns for paper pieced quilt blocks. I have never done any paper piecing, or even really any patchwork, but I have finally given in and decided to jump in with both feet on her latest project - the In Flight Quilt-Along. I have admired her native birds from afar, but something about the birds in flight was just too tempting.

Before deciding to go for it I did at least check my fabric pile, and decided that I have plenty of options of fabric that I'm willing to use in the stash. The background is going to be a dark blue sateen that I originally bought with the idea of eventually using it for an unpieced quilt. I'm not sure yet whether the birds will all be one colour (either a white/grey wool blend, or an old pale blue sheet), or a mix of colours. At the moment I'm leaning towards starting with the wool.

I would have given in to the temptation to start already, but I need to get some more ink for the printer first. Also, I really should finish the two shirts that are currently sitting next to the machine partially done...

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