Saturday, 24 January 2015

First patchwork

Well, I have learnt a few things about paper piecing, and probably patchwork in general! I have now successfully constructed my first block, although I did have to unpick the occasional seam because I failed to position my piece of fabric correctly (or up the right way a couple of times...). I'm happy with the end result for a first attempt.

My fabric choice wasn't the best for novice paper piecing, the background is a sateen and the foreground is a fine wool blend houndstooth. I think using a tabby weave for both would have made things easier. I will continue with another block with the same fabrics, but I may try giving them a liberal dose of starch first.


Indianna said...

Looks great I bet it was hard to stitch with those two fabrics. I had to rip a few seams too ;o)

Juliet @ Tartankiwi said...

Sounds like you made life difficult for yourself! Well done keeping at it, completing the block and doing such a neat job. If you stick with these fabrics then you may want to consider using pins or a dab of glue from a glue stick to hold the fabrics in position.