Monday, 10 March 2014

Oaken blanket

What could be snugglier than acorns? Well, lots of things, I guess. This blanket for one!

Yarn is Skeinz Vintage DK, in Merlot, I used most of 10 balls. The pattern is currently being slowly written up on days that I can summon the brainpower after the boys are in bed. (Anyone interested in testing, when it's done?)

It is worked in the round from the centre out, and finished with a cabled icord bind off. It's technically a baby blanket, but at 1m square it also makes a great lap rug, and I have to confess that's the main use it has had so far.

I tried to get some 'in use' shots, but both the changeling and the monkey are far too active. No quietly posing babies here! Here are a couple of outtakes:

I love this one, it's just not really a good photo of the blanket

And this demonstrates why this blanket is taking so long to finish writing up!

1 comment:

Rachelle said...

It looks even better after blocking than it did when I saw it at the guild.
I'm not going to offer to test it; shawls and socks I'll do, blankets are something I've never managed to get done.