Thursday, 20 March 2014

The food adventures continue

The little changeling has been not quite right for the last month or so (after really starting to get used to the idea of shovelling food into his mouth). Since Monday he has been gluten free, and appears to be improving again. Thankfully he doesn't seem to react when I have gluten, so it is a special restriction just for him. (We still need to work out if it is gluten or just wheat, but we will test that when he is fully better).

I'm not particularly happy about adding another food to the restricted list, but at least we are making progress on keeping the wee boy healthy. Also, there might be a chance of getting a bit more sleep now...


Rachelle said...

Oh dear, it's always hard when a whole food group has to be removed. We did gluten free a while ago for the boys; it's much easier nowadays than when I trialed it myself some years ago, but still not as easy as being able to eat it unfortunately.
Hopefully he continues to improve without it.

Schulz Family said...

Oh yes, you will know when you have the food sorted as the sleep finally comes. Mine took until they were 2 1/2. But my nephew is 17 months and all sorted and well and sleeps like crazy, though still not through the day