Saturday, 28 December 2013


Christmas here was a pretty laid back affair, with tasty tasty wild pork roast for lunch. Diet restrictions changed the menu a bit (no cheese, or cheesecake), but we had a yummy jelly for dessert. (Cooked strawberries and blueberries, then made a jelly with a bit of blackcurrant cordial. Will definitely do that again sometime). It turns out that wheat is okay, so I made a sourdough ciabatta to have with tomato soup. Mmmmm.

I made this little guy for the baby:

(Pattern My Little Blowfish, yarn Ashford Tekapo)

And I failed to finish this year's stocking. Here is how far I got:

Next year there will be two new stockings. (I let this one slide a bit, but the next one is for the baby, so I will be putting a bit more effort into making sure it gets done).

I have ordered the next stocking kit, I wonder whether it will turn up before this one is finished!


MegWeaves said...

What you did finish on the stocking is pretty impressive, Sonya.

Rachelle said...

You may not have finished the stocking Sonya, but it's looking really good!