Saturday, 1 February 2014

Huh. I think I completely failed to mention that this one

is well and truly mobile. He has been having fun exploring the house - the pantry and his big brother's bedroom seem to be the two most exciting places to be.

I finished this last week, it is beautifully squishy. It may turn into a hat eventually, but I'm not sure. Fibre is from Heavenly Wools, colour is Salamander over dark grey halfbred. I managed to get 230m/100g, which I'm pretty happy with, as I was hoping for around 200m.

I have about 6 rows left to go on the blanket (plus edging), they're very long rows now though!


MegWeaves said...

What a cutie! And now you have two mobile ones. Yikes.

Rachelle said...

He looks like he's having fun; can't say I'm surprised he's mobile though. Good luck on keeping him out of places he shouldn't be.
Love the yarn.