Saturday, 18 January 2014


For the last few days I have been in Picton with the boys, visiting granny and grandpa. There has been all sorts of exciting things happening, notably boating and strawberry eating. (Both very important things when you're two).

I have just realised that I have photos of some (semi-)recent finishes to post.
First off, a pair of underpants for Mr 2:

Pattern is from Little Olly on Etsy, size 2, and I have since made another two plain pairs, and one pair with some microfibre padding. I also want to try a couple of pairs with a waterproof layer to see how that goes.

And secondly, some new pyjamas, also for Mr 2:

Pattern is Burda 9747, size 3. He was very excited when I finished sewing the buttons on, pyjamas went on early that night!

There will be more craft-related stuff to come as soon as I get myself sorted out with photos...


Rachelle said...

I love those pj's! I also love how our kids want to wear their new creations right away; Ian's the same even though he's now 9

MegWeaves said...

Mr 2. So sweet!