Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The joys of watching what I eat

As a result of having a food-sensitive/allergic baby (it's looking like it is predominantly dairy and soy, still yet to discover the degree of sensitivity), there has been a fair amount of upheaval around eating habits here. Before he was born I wasn't doing too badly with planning ahead on what we were having for dinner, but never quite got back to it afterwards. Last week I made myself a detailed meal planning sheet, including a space to note any adverse reactions, but so far I have been thwarted. First off, the butcher was closed until this week, which meant my dinner plans had to change. Then Eric brought a tummy-bug home from somewhere, so things have been fairly changeable food-wise. Now that everyone seems to be on the mend I will be taking the boys away for a few days to visit grandparents...

I figure if I plan dinners far enough in advance then I can actually order specific things from the butcher, instead of hoping they have what I want. At the moment if I want unmarinated ribs (lamb, beef or pork) they have to cut them on the spot, and they can't always manage it. (The sauce they use is pretty tasty, but it contains soy). There are a few other things they don't always have that I like too. It makes sense to get it fresh when I want it, rather than buying when I can to store in the freezer, which is what I have been doing.

Next week. Next week the meal plan starts properly.

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