Sunday, 16 February 2014

Fabric Acquisition

Yesterday I took advantage of the current Fabric Vision sale to sort out my sewing to-do list.

There is some cotton knit for making more underpants for Mr 2 (and to stockpile), a new skirt for me, 4 shirts and new togs for Mr 2.

I think that pretty much fills the necessary sewing gaps for the next little while, at least until I think of something else I've forgotten about!

Today I cut out a dress to try the pattern for (got a few tweaks to make to it), and made the togs. They're rather terrifyingly green, and there isn't much room to grow in them, but that's okay.

The pattern is Boys underpants, from Little Olly in size 2, I put wider leg bands on. I think I will do the next size up as well, for when he grows a bit.


Rachelle said...

I went there last week, came out with merino for singlets and lots of thread; was very restrained.

Schulz Family said...

You are so good. I get things going wrong when I used knits and stretch. Should get some proper lessons sometime