Friday, 3 May 2013


After a while in hibernation, I have finally worked out the pattern for the smaller size of this shawl. It used two colours of Vintage Purls sock yarn (85g of The Oceanographer, and 65g of Soho Backstreet). I bought the variegated yarn because I love the colours in it, but (like many people) I have difficulty finding something to make with highly variegated yarns because they tend to hide patterns. I think this shawl tames it down a bit, while still showing off all the gorgeous colours.

The pattern is mostly written (for both sizes), and just needs a few more tweaks. I am hoping to have it ready for testing by the end of the weekend. (If you're interested in testing, let me know!)

While I also love how this one sits I think I preferred the larger size, so I may have to remake one for me to keep at some point. Of course, that means I'll have to work out what colours I want...

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