Monday, 22 April 2013

Not so many finishes this week

I don't think I've finished anything since the last post, and I definitely don't have any new photos. The stocking embroidery continues slowly, I've nearly finished the first of three pattern pages, there will be a photo when I reach that milestone.

I am now half way through the shawl I'm currently knitting, I will be very pleased when it is done. I could take a photo, but at the moment it just looks like a crumpled heap of blue, pink and brown.

I have been very slack about hemming napkins (ugh, hemming), and I really should just get them out of the way. Mostly by the time I get the chance to sit down with them I just want something more mindless, and less tedious to work on though.

It is definitely autumn now, plenty of rain over the last little while and the temperatures are definitely dropping now. We haven't started up the fire yet (still need to move a few things off the top of the fireplace), but the heat pump has been on a few times.

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