Thursday, 16 May 2013

Singlet, Spinning, and (thankfully) No Moths

I finished the singlet prototype last weekend, shown here (18m size). This has a couple of inches added to the length of what I theoretically worked out, because The Monkey is long and thin.

Wool is Baby 4 ply from The Wool Company in Utiku, this singlet ate 83g. It should be nice and warm for winter though!

I have started work on a 0-3 month one now, after tweaking a few things in the pattern. The neckline will be slightly different, and the construction should (hopefully) be improved. I have calculated that I should need 36g of yarn, and the leftover I have found to use is 35g. This could be interesting!

I have theoretically acquired a new spinning wheel, although I'll wait until I managed to get it off my mother to celebrate. (Bought on Trademe, she picked it up and has been playing with it since. I won't get a chance at it until next week, by which stage I don't know if I'll be allowed to have it!).

This has given me the push I needed to finish up the spinning that was sitting around nearly half done for a while. I dragged the wheel out the other day and have now finished the first half of a 100g pack of Passionfruit Corriedale from The Little Wool Company. I have done the first half as is, and have just started the second half with the colours stripped apart. I have no idea how it will come out, or what it will be, but it will be good to get it finished.

In the process of finishing the first half, I found a few insect casings in a bit of the fibre. My first thought was moths, but a bit of reading online helped me decide that actually it was just fly/maggot casings. Still unpleasant, but I'm pretty sure I know how and when that would have happened. Every now and then the cat leaves us special presents, and at certain times of year if we don't see them then they go unnoticed (they dry out before they start smelling). A while ago I discovered one under an armchair, with a few of said casings around, and I guess I must have had the wheel and fibre out in the lounge nearby at that point. So, no moth crisis, just a brief panic!

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