Thursday, 1 January 2009

And some photos...

First of all a couple of napkin pictures:



I'm reasonably happy with how these came out. Next time I try summer and winter I'll have to actually use a finer tabby weft...

And now for the loom pictures. First of all, the table loom shoved ignominiously out of the way in the library. (Yes we have a library, or at least a room where all the bookshelves live. And yes, that is a soft toy lobster on one of those shelves...)

And the replacement model. It's distinctly bigger than the table loom...

I think I may have to move the loom a bit further out from the wall, but I'm hoping not.

I managed to get the rest of the setup done today, and have done a tie up for my first pattern attempt (a Hin und Wieder pattern). I haven't wound the warp yet, but I'm planning to make a couple of tea towels, probably changing the tie up for each one. I think it's even vaguely possible that I may manage to start weaving before I have to go back to work on Monday.


Dorothy said...

Very nice loom! I see you have two back & warp beams, and at least 8 shafts (hard to see). All very useful.

I think you might need more space around the loom? I work a lot behind my loom, but then it is more compact and I don't have the access you have between the shafts and the back beams.

Happy weaving in 2009

Meg in Nelson said...

It's a biggie... I love your bookshelf, too.

Trapunto said...

What a gorgeous loom! The lines look sort of Viking to me, especially where the beater hangs, and the rounded back ends of the same beams. Is that a second warp beam I see?

I look forward to seeing what you weave on this beauty!