Friday, 23 January 2009

And it's going!

The loom is now officially happy. I got it threaded up and started weaving a little while ago now, but have only just gotten around to collecting evidence.

The loom:

And the weaving:
First, just to prove that it's on the loom and looks happy.

This warp is supposed to be two tea towels. It's partly a trial run of the loom to get used to how it feels before doing anything more major. It's also a check to see how much loom waste and stuff I end up with.

So far I've woven one and a half. The patterns are hin und wieder, the first one was a draft I got from The second one was a tie-up that I designed.

First one:

And the second one, which I like better:

I'm hoping to get the warp finished in time to have the tea towels washed, and possibly hemmed, by Tuesday evening...


Gwen said...

Yay! A happy loom! :)

I like the second one too - it's beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

I have major loom envy! Your loom looks happy and appears to be weaving very nicely. Love towel number two would you please share the pattern with us? Best wishes- Martha

Alison said...

The loom *does* look happy! And I agree, I like the second towel better, too. Can't wait to see it finished!

Trapunto said...

Lovely! Are some of these the same threads as your napkins? If so, the colors show very differently in the hin and weider.

Sue said...

Wow - that's awesome that you're weaving on your new loom!!!

I'm still somewhere in the process of setting up my new loom. That somewhere even involves a machine shop. Yipes!

But some day soon I hope to follow in your footsteps and weave my first simple countermarche project!!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Cherri said...

This weave is lovely. I would really like to see it after it was wet-finished.

Meg in Nelson said...

Yay to a happy loom!! Lovely stuff.