Saturday, 4 October 2008

Yet another scarf

The wool/rayon warp is now done. After the green scarf I decided to rethread because I was quite keen on trying a waffle weave. The weft is a pale blue 4 ply baby wool (left over from a pair of socks), with a couple of stripes of a grey/purple sock yarn. Total woven length is only 115cm (and I had a whole 60cm of yarn left over). One end is now fringed, but the ends still need to be woven back in, and the fringing needs to be trimmed to length.

It's very soft and squooshy, it's a shame it's so short though. That being said though, it is long enough to tie around my neck once with fancy fringed dangly bits showing.

Photos tomorrow sometime.

Not quite sure what comes next. I'm thinking I'll have to try something texturally interesting, I'm just not quite sure what. Here's hoping that I don't have any sett issues on whatever-it-is...

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