Sunday, 5 October 2008

Bad waffle photos

I took photos of the scarf this afternoon, but it was very sunny and they're not very good. Here they are anyway...

Here's the whole scarf
Only one end is fringed and had the ends sewn in (and I noticed one fringe that still needed finishing).

And a photo just showing the (mostly) finished end. The fringing still needs to be cut to the right length.
I had fun playing with interlacing the fringe in an attempt to effectively add scarf length. When I tie it around my neck the point of the interlacing almost reaches my waist...

And after that, I wound a cotton warp for some tea towels (otherwise known as an excuse to try Swedish lace...) I probably won't get it on the loom until next weekend though.


Zanne said...

That's really, really pretty!

Meg in Nelson said...

You read my mind. Please please please let us know about your warp-weighted loom experiment. I'd be so interested to know. Whether it works, in your mind, or not!