Friday, 24 October 2008


I managed to organise myself enough to take photos after work today. The sun was a bit bright, so I have a bunch of wonderfully washed out pictures, but they give the general idea

First - the tea towel.
The colour is actually somewhere between a light butter yellow and a heavy cream, definitely not the off-white type of cream.
It has Swedish lace patterning:

And the cat seems fairly happy with it (or at least is willing to claim it as his:

There are also some photos of bits of the mystery stole.
It's large and pink (and yes, I'm aware that the deck needs painting):

And this seems like a better choice than the tea towel:


Meg in Nelson said...

Yes, yes, if it's bigger than you bread plate, you're in, Sonya! Thanks!!!!!

But seriously, if it's a "smallish" tea towel, and you be the judge, I'll take it. Ta.

Trapunto said...

Mm, so pretty. I like the gothic arches in the scarf. No wonder your work receives the feline seal of approval.