Thursday, 23 October 2014

How is it Wednesday again already?

This week I would like to introduce my cardigan WIP. Pattern is Woodstove Season, by Alicia Plummer. Yarn is a wool/hemp blend that I got from the mill in Milton a year ago. It feels a little harsh, but not actually scratchy -I'm assuming that is the hemp making itself known, and I hope it will soften in time. Even if it doesn't it will be fine, as I'm intending this to be a loose cardigan to throw on for around home and going to the playground.

I am finding the knitting to be a little bit of a slog already, I think because the hemp means the yarn has a bit less give than wool, and is less flexible. I hope I will get used to it because I don't really want to end up giving up on it. I am using 4mm needles, which is giving me a slightly smaller stitch gauge than the pattern says, but the row gauge is good. I'm compensating by making the next size up, which I think should turn out about right. (I have checked the numbers, and they look pretty good).

(Apologies for the terrible photo, today has been miserable and our indoor lighting is somewhat suboptimal.)

I am nearly halfway through the yoke increases, so I think this will take a long time to finish. Maybe I will aim for next winter...

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