Friday, 13 June 2014

Three weeks!

Things have started happening, and in 3 weeks we will sitting on an aeroplane, being climbed all over by two small children. Packing hasn't really begun yet, but thinking about what to take has. We will be away for 6 months (to the day), and that is a long time to pack for. There are a lot of decisions about what to take, what we can do without, and what we will replace when we arrive.

(Importantly, I have found a website that appears to list all playgrounds in the Czech republic, with details of play equipment and facilities. I had already found the two closest to where we will be via google maps, but now know where to look for a few more nearby. Also, a wooden hippo.)

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Rachelle said...

Have fun, look forward to reading about your time there and think of me if you get to Wollemeise. I'll be thinking of you as I learn to use my loom :)