Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Ten Days!

Somehow time is slipping away, and there is so much to sort out (while still fitting in the regular stuff). I keep getting lost trying to choose car seats - I am an extremely tactile person, and I hate not being able to play with them in a shop before buying. I haven't entirely ruled out buying some European seats here to take over, but would be quite happy to not have the extra luggage to deal with. I think we've just about made a decision, just need to attempt to order the ones we want (which ideally means finding a Czech website that has both the ones we want available, and muddling through ordering in a foreign language).

This weekend we bought suitcases - a cabin bag sized one for the monkey (he can just fit into it), and a giant one for us (which I can just squeeze into). We have already paid for seats on the plane though, and I suspect they'll be a bit more comfortable...

We went to music last Friday, in the last couple of months The Monkey has really started enjoying it, and learning actions to songs. It seems a shame to have to leave just when he is really getting into it, but I guess that just means we'll have to try to find a similar group overseas. One more week left, and we will definitely be back in the new year.

Everything seems to be counting down - last visit to the local woolcraft group yesterday, second to last preschool day today, second to last playcentre day on Thursday, last music on Friday.


MegWeaves said...

Well THAT certainly snuck up on me! It's going to be fantastic times.

Rachelle said...

We'll miss you, have fun!