Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Things are going to be a bit crazy around here for the next little while I think. There has been background planning for a (work related) trip to Europe for a while now, but we have just been notified that there has been a change and we can go as soon as we are organised! (Previously we were expecting to be leaving sometime in July or August).

So, frantic scrambling to get everything sorted out for living on the other side of the world for 6 months with two little people. What do we need to buy, pack, make, organise??? Maybe I will have to look for some books about travel and aeroplanes from the library for The Monkey to look at. I still have some half made shirts for him, and some clothes for myself that I was going to make.

At least my original goal of saving the much-needed shoe shopping to do over there might actually work out. And we probably won't need to get any more firewood for this winter after all!

There will be more knitting and sewing here at some point, when the dust settles!


MegWeaves said...

Wow, where are you going? When are you leaving? How very exciting!!

Rachelle said...

That is very exciting Sonya; look forward to hearing about your adventures over there. Don't forget about us while you're busy there though.