Friday, 22 November 2013

Baby's First Blowfish

I have found the perfect baby gift!

Pattern is My Little Blowfish, by Selina S. It is well written, and contains humour (and ferrets). This fish is for a friend's new baby, but I will be making another one for my littlest boy for Christmas too. And possibly more, they are very cute, and strangely addictive. Yarn is Ashford Tekapo, I used about 33g.

The fish itself is felted by going through the washing machine a couple of times, the eyes were my first attempt at needle felting. That was very satisfyingly quick and effective, and definitely worth trying for doing little finishing details.

This pattern is part of the Great Indie Gift-a-long on Ravelry, come and join in and make your own blowfish!
(I suppose you could make any one of the 2000-odd other patterns instead, but the fish is very cute.)

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Laura Cunitz said...

Very cute. I'll have to knit one for my college age daughter. When she was born her head was so round we called her blow fish. :)
I just replied back to your comment on linking to the provisional co tutorial. There's a new link but of course you can use it.