Monday, 9 February 2009

Weekend progress

This weekend I managed to get around to buying a notebook, with the theory that I'll use it for keeping track of weaving stuff. And it's kind of worked so far (admittedly I've only had it for two days).

Thus far I have done more planning for the next project than I had managed in the weeks of pondering that I've had until now. It's going to be a blanket with huck lace panels, woven double width. I managed a couple of pages of calculations, the result of which was me winding some skeins of yarn for dyeing. I'm hoping to get them washed tonight in preparation, and if I'm doing really well I'll be able to wind the warp in the weekend. If I'm not doing so well I may have to get some more (possibly different) dye.

And once I've done that I shall have to start collecting notes for the other things I want to try...

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