Sunday, 21 September 2008

Two scarves done, madness following

The two scarves are now off the loom and washed. The brown one is 140 cm long. The only thing I don't like about it is the breaks between the patterns. I'm also not quite sure how I want to do the fringing, but that can at least wait until it's dry...


The green one is only 115 cm long, but I am rather enamoured of the effects (particularly on the centre pattern):

And the other side is interesting too:

The only repeats in the pattern are a couple of sections of zigzags, and the mirror image on the second half. It was a little firm before washing, but it seems to have softened up nicely with washing.

And now that they've been cut off I'm planning to re-thread the rest of the warp to make a waffle scarf. I suspect I'm at least a little mad (it's only 105 ends though, so not really too bad).


Cherri said...

These are really pretty. The turquoise is my favorite.

Meg in Nelson said...

Yay! It looks darned good from over here. I especially love the two-scarves-in-one aspect. And I like the teal color.

shirleytreasure said...

Lovely work, well done.