Saturday, 13 September 2008

More rosepath

Started the second piece of weaving on this warp yesterday. It is going to be a scarf in fairly simple patterns (including the one I liked so much from the last piece). The weft is a pale brown merino.

I have about 40cm so far and have taken a couple of photos, but they're still on the camera. Will probably attempt to download them tomorrow.

I think I need to do some tweaking on the cloth beam on my loom. The last piece I had no problems because it was so short, but this piece doesn't seem to be winding on quite as nicely as I would like. I'll see how it goes when I've done a bit more, it may just be that I've tied something slightly wonky.

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Trapunto said...

Hi there. I found your blog as a fellow WeaveRing member, and I'm enjoying reading about your pretty rosepath sampler. Your loom looks almost exactly like the class loom I learned to weave on--a "Cottage Loom." Maybe the same sorts of plans for a plywood loom were in circulation all over the world. Mine had back-beam tension problems too. You got beautiful results in spite of the challenges.