Monday, 12 November 2012

100 Day Hustle - Halfway

Just a quick catch up (and reminder to myself to blog a few things). Here is my original list, with progress

1. Finish knitting shawl (deadline mid October)
2. Assemble Christmas stocking
3. Lightweight jacket for The Monkey
4. New sunhat for The Monkey
5. Overdue wedding present to weave

And things that would be nice to get done:
1. Finish half made socks
2. Make a start on Papillon Around the World embroidery
3. Organise craft room some more!
4. Finish spinning purple corriedale

Links to finished projects to be added as I blog about them.

I clearly haven't been sticking with the more important projects when the other ones looked more fun!


MegWeaves said...

"spinning purple corriedale" - dunk sheep in purple solution, put on giant Lazy Susan, and away we go???

Kelsey said...

You're doing great!! Lot's crossed off the list :)