Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hundred day hustle

I have just come across this (via Rachelle, and figured I may as well join in.

Kelsey Sews

So, for a list of things to get done (in no particular order, mostly).

1. Finish knitting shawl (deadline mid October)
2. Assemble Christmas stocking
3. Lightweight jacket for The Monkey
4. New sunhat for The Monkey
5. Overdue wedding present to weave

And things that would be nice to get done:
1. Finish half made socks
2. Make a start on Papillon Around the World embroidery
3. Organise craft room some more!
4. Finish spinning purple corriedale

I think that's enough list for now, time to go and fish The Monkey out of mischief again.


Rachelle said...

It's growing like Topsy! Funny how you see something on a blog, then post about it and someone see's it on yours...
Many of them I don't bother with, but this one seemed like a really good idea. About to measure my CPH back to see if it's time to start the shoulders.

Kelsey said...

Thank you for joining in!! Can't wait to see your projects :)