Monday, 13 June 2011

Here we go again

My craft room no longer looks nice and neat like it did in the previous post, courtesy of the magnitude 5.5 and 6 aftershocks we got today. The stick shuttle through the wardrobe door handles snapped, and the boxes are now strewn all over the floor. My loom backed itself over to the wall, and my (cast iron, weighs a ton) sewing machine fell off the desk.

Pretty much everything else in there seems to have fallen over too, and there is more plaster (chunks and dust) all over everything.

The rest of the house isn't really that much better either, so now the clean up starts all over again.

(Ridiculously, the picture we have in the lounge that has slowly been migrating along the wall since September has nearly reached the window now, and is still perfectly straight!)

I'm sure there will be some photos eventually, just not quite yet. One day at a time...


Geodyne said...

I've been thinking of you all afternoon. Thanks for checking in.

I really feel for you!

acereta said...

i was thinking of you the whole day yesterday, after I saw your message about the quake...
The most important thing is you are safe, thanks God.
Take care of yourself and the future baby,

Meg in Nelson said...

One day at a time. Yes.