Thursday, 24 February 2011

Oh dear.

It's been a while since I last updated, hasn't it. Unfortunately, not much weaving has happened since then, and it's looking even more unlikely now.

I just moved the loom bits upstairs into the spare bedroom because I didn't expect to be able to put it back together where it was. And then we had another blow.

Tuesday 22nd of February, just before 1pm we had another big quake. Only a 6.3 this time, but very close to town and 5km deep. I won't go into too much detail, but here's a link to an article about it. The short version is that the damage here is much, much worse than back in September, and they're still trying to rescue people from rubble. Thankfully we're okay, but our area has been hit quite hard. (Photos to come eventually). Our garden is full of silt, up to a foot deep, and our house now has much worse cracking. (The previous broken wall now has a small gap that we can see daylight through). We managed to get our phone and power back last night, which was earlier than we were expecting, but there is still no water (and probably won't be for a while yet). The worst damage we've seen in our immediate area is down by the river where the road is now multi-level, with at least a metre in variation, and huge cracks. (And it's all dropped below the level it started at).

Much more excitement than I would like to have had, and I don't think I'm the only one. We're all hoping for the rest of the search and rescue operations to be as successful as possible.


Meg in Nelson said...

About the only thing I can say now is thank goodness you weren't hurt. Thank goodness you weren't in the middle of town for a nice lunch! I'm sorry about your house and your area.

Do keep us posted.

Meta said...

Even if I live on the other side of the earth I thought about my weaving friends on the other side. I'm glad that you're not hurt and of course sad about all damage.
take care

Geodyne said...

I'm so relieved to know you're OK. Stay safe.