Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Fun with dye

A while ago now I did some more dye experimenting.

The main target started out like this:

And turned into this:

(Pattern is Vernal Equinox (sorry, I could only find a Ravelry link) by Lankakomero)

The other part of the dye session was an experiment to try and create a gradient yarn. This was the result:

The reason I'm finally posting about it? I've started knitting it to test whether it actually works. Pattern is Echo Flower by Jenny Johnson Johnen.

I think I've done nearly as many repeats of the main pattern as I can get away with, and will be starting the border pattern soon.

I've decided the yarn colour is Magnolia:

And to show how it's coming out so far:

I was a little disappointed by the first couple of colour changes, and then I got up to the pink section. It seemed to be going on for a long time until I noticed that it had sneakily changed colour while I wasn't looking...

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