Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Finally weaving again

After weaving a couple of inches I realised that I'd messed up the treadling order, so the loom got ignored for a while.

Tonight I undid my few inches, and have redone them plus a bit more. And as a bonus I modified the way the fold was sleyed (stretched out to half an inch wider). Looks like it's still pulling in a bit more than it technically should, but I'm not really too concerned about it.

I'm not in any particular hurry at the moment - I now need to refill my bobbin, but I'll soon be up to the next colour, and I don't have more bobbins yet (collecting them on Saturday).


sampling said...

I have a Thorp 8 shaft countermarche as well. I am just wondering whether with your tie ups, are the pegs on the underside of the treadle or do you do it a different way? It took me 2 hours today to do the tie up (admittedly it is the first time) and I am thinking whether there is another way!?

Sonya said...

The treadles on my loom have eye bolts in the top, and a pin that goes through the eye bolts that holds the cords.

I find it takes me a little while to do the tie up (but not 2 hours, unless I keep getting it wrong). I do have a few problems with the way it ties up - the extra cords can catch around the ends of the pins.

Let me know if that helped, I can take photos of the forest of cords under my loom if you like.

sampling said...

Thank you Sonya for replying so quickly.
The tie up on my loom is the texsolv system. Part of the reason for taking so long is that I have to stretch out my body from leaning on floor level in strange positions to secure the pegs on the underside of the treadles!
It will be great if you can take some photos.
But I have started weaving at last and am enjoying it....