Monday, 15 December 2008

Optimism and pretty tea towels

Looks like I may not have been too optimistic after all. I've just finished the fourth napkin, which means only two more to go before the end of Saturday. I think I'll be pushing it to get them all hemmed before going away though, I'll probably do that on holiday.

The scarf is staying roughly on track, I'm hoping it'll be ready for blocking by Saturday afternoon at the very latest.

And on Friday I got home from work to discover a package on my doorstep. In it were two tea towels and a very nice calendar, thanks to Geodyne. (Also thanks to Meg for organising the festive towel exchange - it was good fun). I haven't taken any photos of the package yet because I'm slack (and I've been busy doing weaving and stuff), but there is information about them here. I think Autumn Leaves was my favourite of all the towels, so thank you Meg, you chose the swap well.

When I've actually taken some nice photos they'll get a post all of their own


Susan said...

Merry Christmas Sonya!
You have a nice blog and I will be back to visit.

PS Thanks for the link to my page

Sonya said...

Thank you Susan. I have been enjoying reading your blog.

Have a good Christmas

Meg in Nelson said...

Yay! And she had a beautiful pic of your towels. Dreamy...